Club Championship 2007

jeudi 17 mai 2007.

This year, the championship was open to all members of Five Nations having a handicap between 0 - 36.

The championship was to be played over 36 holes - strokeplay without handicap. Despite of the difficulty to play 36 holes ’à pied’from white (men) and blue (ladies), many players had subscribed to the championship....among them two ladies !

The weather forecast had not been very promising at all, but the competition began at 08.00 h in a very slight drizzle and no wind at all. Later in the day, the sky cleared up and it remained mostly dry. However, the course and the roughs were quite damp and wet, so everybody had to play with wet socks and trousers.

Nevertheless, 9 out of 17 players indeed did finish the 36 holes, allbeit with moderate results. There was one exception : our new member Ginette Wagemans played 2 remarkable rounds of 86 strokes and ended as the best player of the championship with a total of 172 strokes on 36 holes. Congratulations ! Ginette is the new Lady Champion 2007 ! !

As to the men, all participants had to start from the men’s back tee and for many of them this semmed to be quite a new experience. Due to the damp and wet weather conditions, the game has been quite difficult. The overall results of the championship will not be memorized for a long time.

The new Men’s Champion 2007 is Maxime Guillaume with resp. 88 and 98 strokes ... a total of 186 strokes ! ! Congratulations ! !

The runner up is Michael Wagemans with resp. 97 and 104 strokes ... a total of 201 strokes. Guillaume Daenen also made the podium with 98 and 109 strokes .... a total of 207 strokes.

The men’s Champpionship has clearly been dominated by our youngest players ... they outdistanced all other (elder) players. Congratulations to our three youngsters ! !

Scores of all players who ended the 2 requires rounds :

Name Strokes
Ginette Wagemans 172
--- ---
Maxime Guillaume 186
Michael Wagemans 201
Guillaume Daenen 207
Michel Paulissen 210 (106 + 104)
Vincent Guillaume 210 (105 + 105)
Eric Marquet 213
Marc Daenen 214
Guy Blasco 222

Pieter Aarts


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