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mardi 27 mars 2007.

Beauty, history and golf welcome visitors to Belgium

By Brandon Tucker, Golf Publisher Syndications

About an hour due east of Pierpont, near the town of Marche-en-Femme, you can enjoy an altogether different golfing experience at the Five Nations Golf Club, with a course that offers ample evidence that Wallonia is by no means flat. It is carved out of extremely hilly terrain that demands a buggy for even the hardiest of players. There are very steep climbs between most of the greens and tees that would be enough to test the calf muscles of an experienced mountaineer - or the patience of the most stoic and dedicated golfer.

Most of the tees on the front half are extremely elevated, providing stunning views of the tight, tree-lined landing areas. The first tee in particular has a quite beautiful panoramic view across the local terrain that takes in the pretty village of Méan. The landscape of the Gary Player design evens out around the turn as you approach its glorious chateau-style clubhouse, but from the 13th onwards the terrain again becomes the major challenge.

The club’s signature par-3 13th is certainly not for those without a head for heights and requires a mere wedge onto a small target set way below.

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